SharePoint 2013 Hosting

Features and Benefits

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a web-based collaboration tool that allows organizations to publish and share information quickly and easily.  This includes company information such as event schedules, documents, contact information as well options for online meeting workspaces and discussion forums.

SharePoint makes it easy for organizations to communicate online:

  • Discuss Projects
  • Share Documents
  • Manage Calendars
  • Manage Tasks
  • Great for project management
  • Makes a great file server on the web
  • Full-text Indexing to enable powerful searches for documents

The document storage feature of SharePoint is one of the most powerful, with the ability to search for documents from Microsoft Office and even Adobe PDF files.

Learn more about what SharePoint has to offer, from instant collaboration, to storing critical information and documents for your business. With 99.9% service availability and easy access to critical information, it is good for any business.